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Cellular Respiration
Kreb's Cycle

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The Third Phase Of Cellular Respiration

In the Kreb's cycle, an enzyme removes the acetyl group from acetyl CO-A. The two carbon molecule bonds with a four carbon molecule called oxalacetate and forms the six carbon molecule of citrate.Then another six carbon molecule if formed, isocitrate. Then NAD is added and NADH is created. Next a five carbon molecule of ketolutarate is formed, then more NAD is added and NADH is created. Then another six carbon molecule is created, called succinyl. After that ATP is created and then a four carbon molecule of succinate is made. Then FADH2 comes in and creates Fumarate, another four carbon molecule. After that water is added and Malate is created; another four carbon molecule. Then NADH is created and oxalacetate is formed. Then the cycle repeats itself.